............... luxurious exquisite carpets

                                                                 LEE ORIENT COLLECTION
........ the name that makes luxurious living  possible.  LEE ORIENT COLLECTION luxurious exquisite decorative quality carpets at affordable very reasonable prices make it possible for every home owners to have luxury homes without having to spend a fortune to own several luxurious exquisite carpets which create an affluent classy opulent posh cosy relaxing ambience lifestyle grandeur homes.

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Lee Orient Trading established in 1987 in the home and decor trade proudly presents an impressive ranges of luxurious exquisite decorative high quality art silk Belgian carpet table runners, carpets, carpet runners, carpet mouse pads at affordable very reasonable prices adding a touch of class and luxury to enhance any homes or offices.

With today's affluent lifestyles and consumers' appreciation of good living, we have constantly keep abreast with consumers' increasing
needs and demands.  After many many years of sourcing the right products, we have come up with excellent arrays of the beautiful luxurious exquisite LEE ORIENT COLLECTION decorative art silk Belgian carpets.  Well-receive by customers from all over the world including local and foreign resideents, expatriates and also tourists from all walks of life.

LEE ORIENT COLLECTION luxurious exquisite carpets have been featured in several Hotel & Hospitality and Home Decor publications and also displayed at showflats designed by interior designers.

A silky soft plush luxurious cooling effect is immediately felt the moment the feet touch these carpets which are made of artificial silk creating a theurapeutic effect.  A specially made skid-resistant underlayer is attached to the underside to prevent carpets from skidding or moving.  Maintenance is easy as the dust particles tend to settle on the surface of the carpets and are not trapped in between the fibres to breed bacteria, making vacuuming very easy and creating a healthy and clean environment.  Dry cleaning is only needed when the carpet becomes soiled after years of usage.  Superbly woven by machine in all kinds of apppealing and attractive patterns, colours and designs - they range from Persian or Oriental to ethnic look and from traditional to contemporary to suit every needs and create the right cosy ambience to match different lifestyles.  They are also available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to blend with the general home decor and come in different grades of textures to suit the budget of every customer ............... LEE ORIENT COLLECTION luxurious exquisite art silk Belgian carpets make a difference, making every houseproud owners possibe to own several luxurious carpets without having to spend a fortune, great value as carpets enrich their quality of lifestyles.

Features and Benefits:

.High grade
.Impressive high quality at affordable very reasonable prices.
.Unique and very saleable.
.Caters to all customers
.Luxurious plush shimmering silky look with unique feature of mystical 2-tones colour from different angles.
.Smooth silky soft cooling texture ........ therapeutic - giving comfortable, relaxing, de-stressing feelings.    

.Every designs come in different sizes and various colours.
.Colours are so rich and vibrant.
.Every designs and colours have its own beauty attracting its own customers - all are beautiful so customers usually end up buying more than they intend to purchase ........ no need to convince or persuade customers with hard selling as carpets sell by themselves.
.Easy maintenace:  Just vacuum every day or once a week (up to customers). Once a year clean carpet by spraying the soapy    foam from a aerosol spray can carpet cleaner.    Only after many years of usuage, send for dry cleaning.  Save money as not neccessary to send to a carpet cleaning company which can be costly.   

.With high technology, our carpets are deliberate made light for easy handling and maintenance. After vacuuming, lift up the    carpets and mop your floors.  In this way, your floorings maintained their lustre.

.Since carpets are light, they can be folded and stacked.
.Anti-skid backing to prevent skidding or moving, so customers save cost and time in having to buy and fix the underlayer.
.Very durable.

Standard sizes available from little mini carpets (which are used as table runners) to large carpets.

                  Sizes available:   35cm x  35cm                 70cm x 120cm                 140cm x 200cm
                                             35cm x  60cm                 70cm x 240cm                 170cm x 230cm
                                             35cm x  80cm                 70cm x 300cm      
                                             35cm x 100cm              100cm x 140cm
                                              35cm x 120cm

LEE ORIENT COLLECTION luxurious exquisite decorative art silk carpet table runners/carpet mouse pads are excellent as speciality gifts especially during festive seasons and special occasions.  Recommend vases, figurines, table-lamps, picture frames, etc. be placed on the carpet table runners on top of tables and or on floors.

Specialist in supplying luxurious exquisite decorative high quality art silk Belgian carpet table runners, carpets, carpet runners and carpet mouse pads. Supply to carpet importers, carpet shops, furnishings and home decor and furniture shops, retail shops, gifts shops, departmental stores, hotels, developers, interior designers, architects, etc.

All customers are welcome for import, wholesale, bulk selling, spree selling and retail.

For container loads orders, there are more designs and colours not shown in pictures.

For quotations and terms & conditions:  Please email us. Please let us know your requirements as prices are quoted based on your quantities.                                                                                                                                                                            

Thank you. 

Catherine Lee